Northerly wind
£180.00 - SOLD

A lino cut in Pam's four winds series, with a blustery northerly on a sharp sunny morning.  Mounted and framed, in a whitewashed wooden box frame.  This is a very limited edition of just 20 prints.

Edition size: 20


Image size: 300mm x 240mm.

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Pam is a highly collectible artist and printmaker based in North Yorkshire. 


Architecture, birds and the natural forms of trees and plants seen on walks around her home are a constant source of inspiration. Shapes and colours from these landscapes often find their way into her work.  Her limited edition linoprints explore the environment, both rural, urban, and more recently, coastal.


We are delighted to work closely with an artist of Pam's calibre, having commissioned an exclusive limited edition print of Giggleswick School Chapel, a distinctive local landmark, and asking her to create an image of our home in The Courtyard to adorn our beautiful book bag.


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